These 16 States Approved the Next Stimulus Check

Congress sent the last federal stimulus payment in March of 2021, and it doesn’t look like they are opening their checkbook again anytime soon. But you could receive another stimulus check if you live in an area putting money in their residents’ pockets. 

The federal government gave all states stimulus money to fund local economic recovery efforts following the American Rescue Plan initiative. They have until the end of 2024 to determine how they will use the funds or risk refunding the grant.

To collect any of the local economic stimulus checks, you must be a resident of that state.

Up to $1,050 for California Residents

California’s latest budget includes a new stimulus payment called the “Middle Class Tax Refund.” As the name suggests, your reported income determines your state stimulus check amount if you qualify. The following are the income limits and corresponding stimulus payments amount as an individual taxpayer: 

  • Less than $75,000 – $350 
  • Between 75,001 and $125,000 – $250
  • Between 125,001 and $250,000 – $200

You may also be able to receive up to $350 more if you have at least one dependent child. Like the stimulus, the additional amount depends on your income bracket.   

Double the income limits and payment amounts if you are a married couple filing jointly. You can receive the highest amount of $1,050 if you file jointly, make less than $150,000, and have one or more children. 

Up to $1,500 Cash Back in Colorado

Colorado’s governor signed a taxpayer relief bill in May 2022 that would give residents a one-time payment just for filing their state taxes. The state may give you $750 as an individual filer or $1,500 if you are a married couple filing jointly. 

To collect the rebate check, you must be at least 18 years of age and have been a full-year state resident in 2021. Additionally, you must have filed a 2021 state income tax return or applied and qualified for the Property Tax/Heat Credit (PTC) Rebate.

Delaware Residents Could Get $300

The state created the 2022 Delaware Tax Relief Rebate Program to provide each resident with a one-time payment of $300. You may qualify for the new stimulus check if you are 18 (as of December 31, 2021) and have filed a 2020 state income tax return.

Florida Families May Receive $450+

Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity is a tax rebate program from the Florida Department of Children and Families that provides a one-time payment of $450 per child to approximately 59,000 Florida families.

The goal is to offset the inflation rate for families participating in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program or the Guardian Assistance Program.

Up to $500 for On-Time Georgia Taxpayers

The Georgia government is providing relief for taxpayers who have already filed their 2020 and 2021 state returns. The stimulus payments amount depends on your filing status:

  • Up to $250 if a single filer
  • Up to $375 if the head of household
  • Up to $500 if married filing jointly

The state will send a tax stimulus check or direct deposit contingent on how it usually delivers your refund. However, the state may deduct a portion if you owe taxes, child support, or other types of payments. 

Hawaiians Can Get Between $100 to $300 

The governor of Hawaii passed two economic stimulus bills in June 2022; one to increase the state’s minimum wage and the other to put money back in Hawaii residents’ pockets. 

As an individual tax filer, you may get $300 if you earn less than $100,000 annually or $100 if you earn more. If you are a married couple filing jointly, you may get $300 if you earn less than $200,000 annually or $100 if you earn more. 

$75 or 12 Percent Tax Rebate in Idaho

In February 2022, the Idaho governor passed a law to reimburse full-year resident taxpayers. The Idaho state taxes relief bill will send the greater of:

  • $75 per taxpayer and dependent.
  • 12 percent of the reported taxes on line 20 of Form 40 (or line 42 of Form 43).

You must file your 2020 and 2021 state returns before the end of 2022. To check stimulus payments’ status, use the “Where’s My Rebate” tool on the state tax website.

Up to $350 for Qualified Illinois Residents

The state may send you a stimulus check if you were an Illinois resident in 2021 with an income of less than $200,000 or $400,000 if married and filing jointly.

Residents with an income less than the limit for their filing status may be able to receive $50 (or $100 for married couples), and parents can get $100 per dependent, up to $300 or three dependents.

The state reports that stimulus payments direct deposit and checks will not go out until September 2022 and will take several months to reach every qualified taxpayer. 

Indiana Residents May Reap Another $125 to $225 Refund

You may have received a stimulus payment from Indiana thanks to the state’s budget surplus. The state has already sent a one-time payment to half its residents, and the other half should see their payments in the next few months.

Indiana plans to send economic stimulus checks after direct deposits. 

Plus, the state is considering another new stimulus check of $225 or $400 or suspending sales tax on residential utilities for six months. There are also talks about a gas tax rebate that would cap sales tax and suspend gas tax increases until mid-2023.

$850 for Low- to Moderate-Income Maine Taxpayers 

Maine is sending economic stimulus checks to full-time residents with incomes less than the limit. The following are the limits based on tax filing status:

  • Single filer – $100,000
  • Head of household – $150,000
  • Married filing jointly – $200,000 

The tax relief rebate is a one-time payment of $850, and married couples filing together could receive a single payment of $1,700.

Minnesota Frontline Workers Can Get $750 

Minnesota offered economic stimulus checks to frontline workers who worked for at least 120 hours in the state between March 15, 2020 and June 30, 2021. To qualify for the stimulus check, your annual income must be less than $175,000 if you had direct patient-care or $85,000 if you did not have direct patient-care.

However, the state stopped accepting applications for the payment on July 22, 2022. 

Relief for Middle-Class Families in New Jersey

The Middle Class Tax Rebate in New Jersey will send up to $500 to qualifying resident taxpayers with at least one dependent. You may qualify as a full-time or part-time resident in 2020, as long as you submitted a 2020 NJ-1040 and have an income less than:

  • $75,000 as a single filer.
  • $150,000 as head of household, married filing jointly, or surviving spouse. 

The stimulus amount depends on the sum of your tax return. You should receive the exact amount of the sum on line 50 up to $500. So, if the sum is $250, the state should send $250. But if the sum is $950, the payment will only be for $500. 

Two Tax Rebates in New Mexico for Up to $1,500

New Mexico approved two state stimulus payments for residents who filed a 2021 state income tax return and have income under the limit for their tax filing status. The first refundable income tax rebate of $250 is for single filers with incomes less than $75,000.

Heads of household, married couples filing jointly, and surviving spouses with incomes less than $150,000 may receive a payment of $500. 

The second stimulus payment is $500 for all single filers and $1,000 for heads of household, married couples filing jointly, and surviving spouses, regardless of income. 

If you do not file taxes, you may still qualify for a relief payment of $500 to $1,000, depending on your filing status if you were to file (single, married, etc.). However, the relief payments are on a first-come, first-served basis until the state stratifies the $20 million designated for the effort. 

$600 for Low-Income Oregon Taxpayers

The Oregon Department of Revenue sent a one-time stimulus payment of $600 to qualified residents between June 23 and July 1, 2022. You may qualify if all of the following are true:

  • You lived in Oregon for the last six months of 2020.
  • You receive the Oregon Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
  • You are not a dependent on someone else’s return. 
  • You filed your 2020 tax returns by December 31, 2021.

Income limits for EITC are $100,000 for single filers and $200,000 for heads of household and married couples filing jointly. The funds for the state taxes relief come from federal pandemic aid.

Up to $800 for Qualified South Carolina Taxpayers

To provide relief for taxpayers, South Carolina reduced its tax rate and restructured the income-tax brackets. The state plans to spend $1 billion in tax rebates to a third of tax-paying residents for up to $800.

You may qualify for the payment if you had a tax payment, but you will not receive the rebate if the state owed you a refund.   

Virginia Taxpayer Relief

Virginia is delivering taxpayer relief with a rebate if you are a resident who had a tax liability in 2021. You may receive $250 as an individual filer or $500 if you are a married couple filing jointly. 

PLUS! Gas Rebates Pending in These States

Are you searching your house for gas cards from past birthdays and holidays to help pay the rising gas prices? Although your state probably won’t send you a gas rebate card, many local governments are considering rebates.

Kansas – To counter the rising gas prices, the governor wants to send a gas rebate of $250 to every single filer and $500 to married couples filing jointly. However, the state has not issued an update on the progress since April 2022.

Kentucky – The House Committee On Committees is the last to act on a proposed gas stimulus bill that could put up to $500 in single filers’ pockets and up to $1,000 per household. The bill went to the house in March 2022.

Massachusetts – State lawmakers announced their plan to send fuel rebates to balance the increasing cost of gas and other products. The House and Senate would need to approve the proposal by July 31, 2022.

North Carolina – In May 2022, Senate Democrats proposed a gas rebate bill that would give drivers older than 18 $200 checks. The Senate Republic countered with tax reduction instead of a one-time payment. 

Pennsylvania – Households with incomes less than $80,000 may qualify for a one-time $2,000 payment if the governor’s PA Opportunity Program passes legislation.