Finally, a great way to make money remotely is by taking online surveys. However, unlike the above choices, taking online surveys is typically not a full time job, but a great way to earn up to hundreds of dollars a month in supplementary income. On average, taking online surveys can earn an extra $250 a month by using paid survey sites like Swagbucks.

Take Online Surveys to Make Hundreds Every Month on Your Own Time

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You could earn much more over time if you increase your credibility and the amount of surveys you take. But, it is generally not as stable of a salary as data entry or customer service. 

However, surveys still provide quick and easy money that you can make from the comfort of your own home if you need to supplement your existing income. 

Just like many of the positions above, online survey opportunities are offered by many companies of all sizes in order to gain marketing data. Marketers are always after customer data to better fine tune their strategies and reach their target demographics more efficiently. 

Because marketers are usually looking for specific groups of people, be it a specific age, gender or ethnicity, surveys often have specific demographic requirements. 

In order to complete a survey from a company, you must first prove that you are from their target demographic, or you may not be able to get paid so be sure to only pick surveys that apply to you. 

Once you have found the surveys you can take, it is a breeze to go through the questions and receive payment soon after.

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