If you are a Veteran or an active-duty member of the armed forces, there are auto insurance companies tailored specifically to you. The USAA and the Armed Forces Insurance are two insurance companies that are exclusively for military members. The USAA is known as having the best overall insurance for military members and their families.

It is known for the unique insurance coverage, large discounts, and high-quality customer service it offers. Some of the general benefits of the USAA are that it provides both insurance and banking and and It is available nationwide. Along with cars, USAA provides insurance for:

Get Great Savings With Auto Insurance Exclusively for the Armed Forces

  • Motorcycles, 
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs), 
  • Boats, 
  • Rideshare coverage for uber and lyft drivers, 
  • Life insurance, and 
  • Homeowners and renters insurance.

The best part is, the USAA offers further unique discounts for military personnel and Veterans:

If you are on active-duty and you are storing your vehicle on a military base, you can receive a 15 percent discount

If you are deployed overseas and are storing your car in any location, you can receive a 60 percent discount on your monthly premium. 

If you are a military member and a member of the USAA, your children can also receive 10 percent off

If you are deployed or living on a military base, you can choose a car insurance policy that is based on mileage.

This means your monthly payments will depend on how many miles you drive that month. So, you can earn big discounts on your monthly premiums. 

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