Unfortunately, not all home improvements bring the same value. Here are a few things to avoid when deciding how to renovate your home or present it to potential buyers.

Home Improvements to Avoid
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  1. Excessively Bright Colors

Many people like bright colors, but if you plan to resell your residence at some point, it’s better to limit bright shades to things you can quickly and cheaply change. Avoid putting bright colored tiles in the kitchen, for example, and just go with a neutral color scheme whenever possible.

  1. Home “Over-Improvements” of Any Kind

Sometimes, homeowners think that making big improvements to their properties is a surefire way to increase its value. However, this is not always true.

Even though home improvements can add value to your property, the biggest factor in your home’s price is location. It does not matter how incredible your home is — there is a limit to the prices most neighborhoods will accommodate, so make sure your improvements do not put you at the very top of that range.

Instead of worrying about adding a second floor to your house or doubling the size of the master bedroom, or even gutting the entire kitchen and starting from scratch, take a look at other houses. Find out what homes in your neighborhood have sold for to help you figure out if a certain improvement is worth it.

  1. Carpeting Throughout the Home

Although some buyers like carpeting in the bedrooms, they are generally aware that carpets are hard to maintain. Therefore, many may look at carpets as an expense or as an aesthetic issue.

People with pets are likely to avoid carpets in every room. The same goes for potential buyers with respiratory conditions or those with young, active children.

  1. Luxurious Landscaping

A well-manicured garden looks great, and it really increases curb appeal. However, keeping a lawn manicured is expensive, and its value in the eyes of buyers can only go so far. 

At the end of the day, elaborate landscaping around your home may end up an “over improvement” when it comes to selling your property. Therefore, keep your landscaping looking attractive, but do not feel the need to go over the top.

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