It is exciting to move to a new state, but there are some tasks that you legally must complete when you change your address. When it comes to cars, you will need to register your car in the new state in order to change the address on vehicle registration. This is required in states, but how long you have to make the change will depend on the state that you moved to.

Since you must provide proof of insurance in order to register a car you will also need to transfer your car insurance policy or find a new one. Here are the steps to take with your car when you move to a new state. Keep in mind that specific procedures may vary according to the state that you live in,

I Just Moved. How Do I Change My Car Registration Address?

Figure out whether your new state has a grace period for registration:

Many states give you a generous amount of time to transfer your insurance policy and update address on vehicle registration. Usually you will have 30 to 90 days to complete your car registration and address change. However some states require you to update your information sooner. It is important to do your research so that you do not get penalized for not changing your registration in time.

Find and purchase a new auto insurance policy:

You will need proof of car insurance in order to register your car with your new address. In some cases you may be able to save yourself some time by staying with the same insurance company so make sure to check with your current insurance. However even if you stay with the same insurance the rate may change according to your location. Each state has different requirements of minimum insurance coverage. Do not cancel your old car insurance policy until you are covered under a new policy.

Register your car:

Once you have obtained new insurance coverage and made sure that your car meets the inspection requirements for your new state you can head to your local DMV or tag agency to complete your registration.

Discover more information about how an auto tag agency and the DMV can help you with your needs.

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