The federal government has additional grants and services for military members and their immediate family members. The types of grants available include housing, education, small business and health care grants, among other types of grants. Continue reading below to learn about these different types of grants that you may qualify to receive.

Housing – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has grants and backs home loans for veterans and surviving spouses. You might be eligible for a housing grant to modify your home if you have a service-connected or age-related disability. The two VA housing grants include the Specially Adapted Housing and the Special Housing Adaptation grants. The VA also has resources for housing if you are a homeless veteran. 

Government Grants for Service Members and Their Families
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Education Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants provide funding for children of service members who died in service. As a surviving dependent, you must also meet the eligibility requirements for Federal Pell Grants except for income.

You might still be eligible for Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants even if you do not qualify for a Pell Grant based on your expected Family Contribution. 

Additionally, the VA offers the GI Bill to qualifying servicemembers and veterans. The GI Bill can help cover the cost of tuition for higher education, like college or trade school.

Small Businesses – The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides the financial opportunity, Boots to Business, to active-duty service members, veterans, and their spouses.

The program helps current and former service members and their spouses launch a business with its support for five years. The program provides an overview of business ownership principles. The SBA may also have special loans for veterans.

Health care – You can receive health care through the VA and at VA health facilities. There are service-related eligibility requirements, including not being dishonorably discharged. The coverage amount will depend on your income and the severity of your disability or condition. 

The VA offers health care for veterans. Current service members have access to a health insurance program called TRICARE.

Most programs for military members and their families are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may qualify for VA benefits for your disability or from the death of your spouse. You can contact them about employment, health care, and housing services. The VA website provides a central portal where you can go to find information, applications and more about veterans benefits.

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