Water is essential to survival and keeping your water turned on is equally important to maintaining uninterrupted electricity services. There are numerous reasons water service is disrupted. Lack of payments on a water bill over an extended period of time is the main reason. Services are in place to mitigate these types of situations when qualifying factors are met.

The Salvation Army is one organization offering utility bill assistance, including help with paying your water bill. There is a broad range of services offered by the Salvation Army and applicable funds are available to help pay your water bill in limited amounts. In most cases the availability of this type of assistance is prioritized for emergency situations and/or for households having members at risk of medical or other serious consequences water service is disconnected. At-risk household members include senior citizens, children and the sick or disabled.

Water Bill too High? Find Out Where To Get Cash Assistance

There are other organizations offering water bill help for low-income Americans, too.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) supplies an extensive printable list of water bureaus and water service providers offering assistance programs to help pay waters bills in every state. These assistance programs, called Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs), vary from state to state and service to service. 

Utility companies declare approximately one percent of their customers are unable to pay water and other utility bills at random times throughout each year. CAPs are designed to assist with water bill affordability. They also restore water services, eliminate fees and bill/credit-related penalties, while eliminating health risks to households and communities.

CAPs help with water bills in numerous other ways. Various bill discounts are set up to reduce the bills of low-income customers, frequently on a permanent basis. Flexible terms assist customers with paying water bills by allowing for old debt to be forgiven. They also provide more affordable payment plans for future bill cycles. Flexible terms also allow for the moving of bill due dates, making them payable during times of the month more affluent for low-income customers.

Individual water service providers also offer temporary assistance to qualified customers on limited occasions. Such occasions are usually one-time or short-term in duration, and include debt forgiveness, service restoration, lenient payment plans and more. Water companies also pay for repairs and replacements of parts necessary for maintaining water and energy efficiency. Different water service providers also refer to temporary assistance as emergency assistance, grants, one-time reductions and crisis assistance.

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