Popular Finance Apps That Could Help You Save Money

Updated on 02/13/2023

Popular Finance Apps That Could Help You Save Money

If you find yourself constantly struggling financially, you might think it’s time to invest in a personal finance app. A personal finance app cannot only help you create and stick to a budget, but it can also track your daily spending, investments and bill payments. 

There are hundreds of personal finance apps to choose from. Some apps are free, while others require a small monthly fee or one-time cost to activate. 

The app you choose largely depends on personal preference as well as your needs. For example, some apps are only available for select devices, while others are partnered with specific banks or other financial institutions. 

Here are some of today’s trending finance apps in 2023 you may want to check out.

Intuit Mint

Mint is a popular finance app because it is entirely free. 

The app allows you to link credit and debit cards from most major banks. Once you link your card, you can easily track your transactions. 

Mint even allows you to divide expenses into various categories. This can be helpful if you are making a budget, since you can see which of your expenses are essential payments and which are optional. 

You can even track changes to your credit score through the app.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is one of the most downloaded finance apps, with detailed budgeting and spending reports available. 

The app goes beyond tracking your expenses, helping you set your budget, breaking down your spending each month and even making recommendations on how you can save money. It can be particularly helpful if you want to start investing. 

However, YNAB is pricier than most other apps, with a steep $14.99 monthly subscription. A limited free trial is available if you want to test the app out before committing to a membership. 


If you are less concerned with investments and tracking your spending and want an app solely for paying your bills, Prism might be the app for you. 

Prism is a free app, which is currently partnered with over 10,000 billing agencies. This includes credit card companies, banks and even some utility companies. 

With Prism, you can automate and track all your bills. If you are tired of juggling multiple accounts to digitally pay your bills, Prism can be a great alternative.


Many finance apps are intended for personal use, but Spendee has options to connect your account with your family members. Because of this, it is one of the strongest apps for tracking household expenses. 

Each user can set their own profile. The app includes options to connect with saving accounts and experiment with different budgets by creating a virtual wallet. 

Once you settle on a budget, you can have the app send alerts to your phone if you are spending too much. It also has plenty of options for tracking and paying your bills. 

Spendee has a limited free version, with a premium account costing only $2.99 each month.

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