The Veteran Health Administration is the largest integrated healthcare system in America. With 1,293 facilities — 171 medical centers, 1,112 outpatient centers, and morethe VHA serves over 9 million Veterans each year. Veterans, Servicemembers, spouses, surviving spouses, dependent children, and caregivers may all qualify for VA health benefits. 

In some cases, the family and caregivers of Servicemembers and Veterans can even qualify for benefits due to the Service Member or Veteran’s service-related disability. With VA health care, the medical benefits include regular checkups with primary care providers, medical appointments with specialists, home health and geriatric (elder) care, medical equipment and prosthetics — like hearing aids — and prescriptions. Also, the VHA stores your Veteran medical records, also called the “VA Blue Button”.

Save on Medical Costs Through the Veteran Health Administration

For sick, disabled, or the elderly, benefits pertaining to Veteran assisted living are vital. Residential live-in or home health care are other available long-term care options. These services typically include benefits like: 

  • 24/7 nursing and medical care
  • Physical therapy
  • Help with daily tasks
  • Comfort care and pain management
  • Caregiver support

The VA also provides benefits to support the mental health of Veterans and their families.

If you have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychological effects of military sexual trauma (MST), depression, grief, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, you may benefit from these VHA services: 

  • Short-term, inpatient care 
  • Outpatient care
  • Regular outpatient care
  • Rehabilitation treatment and residential (live-in) programs 
  • Primary care 
  • Supported work settings 
  • VA medical centers for 24/7 emergency care
  • The Veterans Crisis Line

With the support of the Veteran Health Administration, Veterans can maintain good health and focus on accessing the VBA’s countless other benefits, like home loans, auto insurance, and life insurance. 

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