Many auto insurance companies offer military friendly car insurance policies. These include discounts and special offers to Veterans, Servicemembers, and members of the National Guard and Reserve. Whether you’re retired or on active-duty, you may have different needs for your auto insurance policy. For active-members, maybe your car is not being driven while you are on duty.

If you are a veteran, perhaps you do not drive as often as you once did. There are policies made exclusively for military personnel like you. One way to get insurance benefits as a Veteran is through third party companies, like the Armed Forces Insurance, that work closely with individual Veterans and military personnel to find each client an affordable auto insurance policy through partner insurance companies. 

Save on Car Insurance With Discounts for Veterans

However, most auto insurance companies offer military discounts and special offers so third party companies aren’t always needed.

Typically, auto insurance companies offer a military discount up to 15 percent off insurance premiums

Other military discounts auto insurance companies might offer are: 

  • Cancellation Protections: So you can cancel your policy and reinstate it when you return from deployment with no fees. 
  • Storage Protection Plans: Insurers sometimes offer rate assistance to store your vehicle while you are deployed. 
  • Storage Discounts: Some insurers offer policy discounts if you store your car on a military base. 
  • International Protections: Insurers may offer policy protection for your car overseas. Sometimes, they may offer special plans to physically ship your car, motorcycle, or van overseas, and help with the registration and paperwork.
  • Emergency Coverage: If you are deployed to regions the U.S. Department of Defense defines as “imminent danger pay areas,” you may qualify for additional policy discounts.
  • Cash Benefits: Some car companies offer cash — in some cases, up to $8,000 — towards a new or leased car. 

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