Many providers have special car insurance quotes for seniors that are less than rates for younger drivers. If you have retired, you may have noticed that you drive less without your daily commute to work.

Insurance companies may reduce your monthly premium if you are a senior driver due to the fact that you may be driving less and therefore are less risky to insure.

Save With Affordable Auto Insurance Rates for Seniors

Newer cars have technical features that increase safety and cut down on the likelihood of getting into an accident. Your insurance provider may lower your monthly premium for having up-to-date safety features.

Check out 5 vehicle safety features that may qualify you for a discount:

  1. Airbags
  2. Anti-lock brakes
  3. Automatic seat belts
  4. Daytime running lights
  5. Electronic stability control

If you are a member of an organization for drivers or seniors, you may be eligible for additional savings. For instance, auto clubs often have services for drivers, like free towing, roadside service, and more.

By using your membership benefits, you save your insurance provider expenses. 

Another way to get discount auto insurance is to bundle your policies. Insurance companies want your business and will often offer lower rates for multiple policies.

Ask your provider about homeowners and auto insurance bundles and how much you can save. You may be able to cut insurance costs for both your home and vehicle. Likewise, you may get a discount for having multiple vehicles on the same policy. 

Auto and home insurance help in the event of an emergency. Life insurance can also help your family handle urgent expenses if you pass away.

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