To apply for SSDI benefits, you can complete an application in one of three ways. First, you can file your SSDI claim online through the Social Security Administration’s website. This is the quickest and easiest way to apply for benefits.

Second, you can complete your claim over the phone. Third, you can call the SSA to schedule an in-person appointment. Applying online does not require an appointment or wait. Additionally, you may save your application progress and finish it another time.

Learn How to Apply for SSDI Online and Skip the Wait

Once you complete this process, the SSA will evaluate your claim by looking at your current work activities, determine whether you pass the work tests, and they will contact your doctors to ask about your disabling condition.

Before you begin your claim application you will need the following information:

  1. Contact info of your doctors & any hospitals or clinics that you have visited for your condition
  2. Dates of your medical visits
  3. Medical test results
  4. Most recent W-2 or federal tax return
  5. Social Security number
  6. Birth certificate

It’s important to note that you cannot collect SSDI benefits for the first five months of being disabled.  To receive SSDI benefits as soon as possible,make sure to file your SSDI claim right after you become disabled.

Even if your claim takes longer than 5 months to process and is eventually approved, you will receive back payments starting with the 6th month of your disability. 

So, you’ll never miss out on payments no matter how long the application process takes. 

Also, many first-time SSDI applicant claims are initially denied. If your claim is denied, you can file an appeal as long as you notify the SSA that you plan to do so within 60 days of finding out your claim was denied. 

If you need help with this process, you can do a quick online search of lawyers to help with social security disability. In most cases, you will not have to pay these lawyers up front. Instead, they will collect a percentage of your SSDI benefits once your appeal claim is approved.

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