The amount of money you can receive in SSDI benefits depends on how long you have paid into the Social Security system. In other words, how long you have paid taxes on your income. So, your monthly SSDI amount will depend on how long you have worked over the course of your lifetime.

Your monthly SSDI amount is known as your covered earnings. Your average covered earnings over the total period of years that you have worked is called your average indexed monthly earnings, or AIME

How Much SSDI Cash Assistance Can I and my Dependents Receive?
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In 2023, the maximum amount of money that someone could receive in monthly SSDI benefits is $3,627. However, the average monthly payment that individuals actually received was $1,827. Most SSDI beneficiaries receive approximately $1,358 per month.

If you are already receiving worker’s comp or other disability payments through the government, your SSDI monthly benefit may be reduced. Government disability payments cannot exceed 80% of the average income that you earned before you became disabled. 

However, if you become injured and have family members who rely on you for income, they may be able to earn monthly SSDI payments too. 

Members of your family may also be able to receive benefits through your SSDI. This type of money is called auxiliary benefits

In order to apply for these benefits you must include your family members (your spouse and children) on your initial SSDI application, as well as meet the following conditions:

  • Your spouse must be under the age of 62 and the co-caregiver of your children if they are under the age of 16. 
  • If you are divorced, your previous spouse may still be able to qualify for auxiliary benefits if you were married for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Your children must be under 18, in school, and not married.

Discover if you qualify for disability, potentially earning thousands of dollars in SSDI payments for you and your family.

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Updated on 03/16/2023