No one likes to pay late fees, or annual fees, or any other penalty fees we so often need to pay in order to have a credit card. Thankfully, there are cards that offer no late fees, charge zero interest for more than a year after you open and have low apr balance transfer rates. The following are some of the best no penalties cards around.

One of the best no penalty cards available and the best 0 percent balance transfer cards is the Citi Simplicity Card. This card advertises itself as having no late fees ever, and they mean it. You will never be charged a late fee for not paying your card on time, so you can push your credit card a few payments if you’re waiting for your paycheck to drop a few days late one month or for any other reason. 

Save Money With Zero Fees Using No Penalties Cards

This card also has no annual fees and you will receive no fees or interest on any of your purchases or bank transfers for the first 18 months that you have the card. 

Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa Credit Card

Another great no penalties card is the Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa Credit Card. Needless to say, this card wants you to know that it has no fees attached and it can also give you great cash back options. The Petal 2 Visa has absolutely no fees attached and it does not require a credit history in order to qualify for it. 

Unlike most credit cards that will punish you for making a late payment, the Petal 2 instead rewards you for when your payments are on time. Those who qualify for the Petal 2 also receive 1 percent cash back on must purchases and can up that percent to 1.5 percent cash back if they make their payments on time for 12 months in a row. 

You can also receive up to 10 percent cash back when you buy from specific retailers. 

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