State governments hold billions of dollars in unclaimed money each year. You can search for unclaimed money in your name so you can recover the funds you are owed. All 50 states maintain records of unclaimed assets belonging to their residents. However, the information on state websites may not always be up to date.

By starting your free unclaimed money search, you can see whether you have money, property or other assets being held by a state department. Learn how to find your money with the tips below.

How to Find Unclaimed Money in 3 Steps

Ready to find unclaimed money in YOUR name? The process can be simple. Here are the 3 main steps to finding potential unclaimed money:

Step 1: Run a search in the unclaimed property website of your state.

Step 2: Search nationwide databases.

Step 3: Look through specific government archives. 

Unclaimed assets held by state governments are usually listed online in the state’s unclaimed property department website. When you are ready to search for unclaimed money, the first place to begin is at the state level.

Make sure to check every state you’ve ever lived or worked in. Your unclaimed money could be transferred to the state you last had ties to.  But the information you find on the state websites may not always be current. 

Another way to find unclaimed money for free is to search multi-state databases. This is particularly helpful if you have lived or worked in multiple states. Just enter your information and browse the results.

You’ll likely need to enter your:

  • Full name.
  • Last known city.
  • Last known state.

To find unclaimed assets from a specific scenario, like unpaid wages, insurance refunds, or bankruptcy cases, you can check specific government sources to find them. 

Search your state’s Department of Labor website to see if you have any missing paychecks or backpay. To find an unclaimed mortgage insurance refund, search the HUD database. And, if you think you have missing money from a bankruptcy case, check the U.S. Courts system to find it.  

Your search for unclaimed money might take you through all three steps, but it’s important to be thorough. You could have lost or missing money and not even know it! 

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