Billions of Dollars Go Unclaimed Each Year – Learn How to Search for Them

Billions of dollars in unclaimed assets are held by state governments each year. Whether it be unclaimed money from deceased relatives or a forgotten paycheck from a past employer, there could be money that is rightfully yours waiting for you to claim it. Assets also include things like money in savings accounts, personal property and tax refunds.

Don’t miss out on unclaimed assets that you may be entitled to. Learn how to search for unclaimed money in your name, which could be held by your state government. If you are owed assets, only you can recover them. Continue reading to find out more.

Think You Might Have Lost or Missing Money? Find Out All About Unclaimed Assets
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You could have assets waiting for you to find and claim. Unclaimed assets are things of value that belong to you but cannot be given to you in a timely manner.

Your assets can go unclaimed if you…

  • Move frequently.
  • Change names.
  • Forget about old bank accounts.
  • Lose track of a safe deposit box.

If any of these apply to you, a free unclaimed money search will help you locate your assets. You might be surprised to find refunds, benefits and other money waiting for you to claim. 

Millions of Americans have unclaimed money and don’t even know it. 

Want to find unclaimed money for yourself? You can search for assets online, starting with your state government.

Each state maintains records of unclaimed assets for its residents in a treasury or lost property department. 

As you search for unclaimed money, you’ll likely need to provide information about your identity.

You should be able to complete a free unclaimed money search by Social Security Number and other important pieces of information such as:

  • Your name.
  • Past addresses.
  • Names and dates of previous employment.
  • Bank account information. 

Another way to find unclaimed money for free is to use multi-state databases, which let you expand your search across multiple states. This option is great for people who have lived or worked in more than one area. 

If your search for unclaimed money is successful, you’ll need to submit a claim to prove that the assets belong to you.

The claims process varies from state to state, but you’ll typically need to submit a claim form and provide documents that prove you’re the rightful owner.

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