The easiest way to get out of debt is to stop creating more debt. Particularly with credit card debt relief, it can be difficult to get a $0-balance if you keep making big purchases out of your budget.

You may also have monthly subscription boxes for pet products, cosmetics, household goods, or easy-fixed meals. Likewise, you may pay for streaming services for entertainment or news.

How to Stop Credit Card Debt at the Source

Most of these services allow you to pause your subscription temporarily. Cutting unneeded expenses for a few months could make a substantial dent in your debt

Likewise, consider removing your credit card information from your online shopping accounts. You may think twice about the purchase when you have to reach for your wallet instead of just clicking a mouse. 

Using cash only for shopping has an impactful visual factor that using a card does not.

You may be more selective in your purchases when you hand over funds at that moment than with a card and a promise to pay later. 

If your debt stems from student loans, car payments, or a mortgage, you can still stop incurring more debt from these accounts. Loan consolidation for credit card debt and other monthly payments can reduce the interest amount and pay off your principal faster. 

You may consider filing personal Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or 13 if your expenses far outweigh your earnings. However, declaring bankruptcy should be one of your last options. Debt relief programs help with all levels of debt and income.

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