A “car care warranty” is a plan that can cover the cost of regular maintenance. You can have a car care plan while under your original factory warranty, extended warranty, or service agreement. They can offer additional coverages, such as the ones discussed below.

Standard maintenance like replacing cabin filters and rotating tires are just part of covered services from auto care plans. Auto plans may cover valuable services with coupon books. You simply take your vehicle to an approved shop and give the representative the coupon from your booklet. 

Avoid Emergency Auto Expenses With a Car Care Warranty

Roadside assistance in auto agreements typically includes key replacement, emergency towing coverage, and fees and flat-tire changes. Some policies may include the full or partial price of the tire. 

Cosmetic repair insurance can save you money on bills for minor ornamental damage. For instance, it may cover the cost to repaint a scratched bumper.

Premium care plans may have membership perks, like a free annual service or travel discounts.  

Theft warranties may cover losses when a deterrent system fails. 

Local mechanics may also offer an auto care agreement that includes routine services, like oil and brake pad replacements. The dealership where you purchased your care may also offer car care service plans. 

These contracts typically do not cover damage from accidents but may have a discounted rate for repairs instead. Your auto insurance provider may pay for the repairs after you pay the deductible. However, your auto care plan with the mechanic may cover your deductible amount.  

Do you have to get a warranty or set up a car care plan? No, there is another option. Read on to learn more.

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