Dreaming about a hands-on career in the automotive world? There is no better way to get started than to serve as an auto mechanic apprenticeship. You will get paid while you learn, acquiring all the essential skills and knowledge you need to become a certified master mechanic.

Mechanic Apprenticeship

Auto mechanics usually diagnose and repair vehicle parts and systems, from belts, and brakes to emissions control and air conditioning among other tasks.

Some tasks that you will be expected to perform as a mechanic include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Writing out estimates for customers
  • Replacing car batteries
  • Inspecting vehicles
  • Ordering parts
  • Changing brake pads

As an apprentice, you will complete this kind of work for two years and then pass eight tests in order to become a master mechanic. Mechanic apprentices earn on average $15 per hour.

If you would like, you can also obtain special certifications. You will have to pass an additional examination to obtain these certifications. These include collision repair, school bus, transit bus, medium-heavy truck and truck equipment.

In recent years, the scope of auto mechanic’s work has changed dramatically as vehicles have become fairly more complex. Modern mechanics need to be comfortable with electronics, electricity as well as various types of emerging technology in the automobile industry. 

For this reason, it can be important to have some experience working with software and computers. Thankfully, a mechanic apprenticeship program may be able to equip you with all of the necessary skills you need to become an exceptional professional in this trade.

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