With a software developer apprenticeship program, any individual without traditional credentials can prove that he or she belongs to the tech industry. What’s more, you don’t have to dig yourself into debt just to become part of the ever-growing digital economy. It guarantees a very structured and definite path through which you can measure your progress and leverage your digital skills to grow and develop a career.

Software Engineer Apprenticeship
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As a software developer, you’ll design, install, test, and maintain software systems. A crucial component of your training will involve the use of coding skills, which means that you need to have some basic programming skills or have dabbled in free online coding/programming resources. Even after the completion of your software developer apprenticeship program, you can progress your career through further training and perhaps specialize in other in-demand areas. It is a highly challenging but equally highly rewarding career choice that will likely give you job security far into the future. 

Many people will begin an apprenticeship after they graduate from  coding bootcamp. The following are some examples of software apprenticeship programs:

  • San Diego Code School: This program lasts for one year. You will complete 2,000 hours of paid work. At this school, you can get trained to become a Software Engineer or a QA Automation Engineer.
  • Detroit Labs: This program is designed for people who have no formal training in software. You get classroom training and experience working directly with software developers.
  • Greater Sum: This Atlanta-based software development company takes on junior developers. You will work on projects for clients. At Greater Sum, you spend 20 percent of your time learning and 80 percent working with a senior mentor.

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