Apps That Could Help You Improve Your Finances

Apps That Could Help You Improve Your Finances

Becoming financially stable is about more than just income and wealth. Yes, these factors play a huge role in your financial stability, but long-term success is also about budgeting, planning and making the right financial decisions for your long-term success.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to access the information you need in order to start the journey toward financial success. Very often, that information is just a quick online search away.

In addition to free informational resources you can find online on the internet, however, there is another source of assistance available at your fingertips — literally. Smartphone apps have revolutionized the way we do just about everything, including personal finance.

From free or low-cost budgeting apps to applications that help you save at your favorite retailers and even powerful investment platforms for beginners and experts alike, your phone has it all. Read on to learn about some of the most useful and popular financial apps and learn how they may benefit you.

1.  Keep Yourself Organized With a Top Budgeting App

Making and keeping a budget is one of the most important parts of any financial planning strategy, and as the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.”

Budgeting apps not only help you keep track of your spending, but they also give you insights on what areas you are spending the most. The best apps also offer tips on how to improve your spending habits and can even help you save directly on the app, allowing you to put money away for an emergency fund, a dream vacation or other expenses.

Spending Tracker is a free budget app that makes it easy to create a budget, track your expenses and even use visual graphs to give you a better sense of where your dollars are going.

Another great budget tracker app for your smartphone is Mint, which offers an integrated environment to let you manage all of your accounts at once and keep a close eye on your monthly budget. Many agree that it’s the best budget app out there thanks to its ease of use and abundance of features.

EveryDollar is also a fantastic track-your-spending app, with automatic transfer features and an intuitive interface that allows you to view budgets and transactions at a single glance. No matter which one you decide on, a budgeting app can be a powerful tool to help you stay in charge of your spending and discover new opportunities to plan for the future.

2.  Up the Ante With Apps That Help You Save

Setting aside money on a regular basis is essential to prepare for retirement or have enough money for an expensive purchase, such as a down payment on a home.

In addition to helping you budget, some apps help make it easier for you to save. In particular, apps that offer round-up savings whenever you spend help you make sure that you are not missing out on your commitment to save for your goals.

One of the very best savings apps around is Digit, a mobile app that allows you to set goals and pay off your debt as you chart your monthly and long-term saving strategies.

Chime is another great savings app. Although it is actually a banking app, Chime makes saving easier, with built-in budgeting features and overdraft protection. It’s also an app that rounds up purchases and places the difference into your savings with its automatic savings account feature, making it that much easier to meet your savings goal.

Another of the best money-saving apps that you will find is known as Piggy Goals, available both on the Android and the iOs app store. This free savings app acts as a genuine online piggy bank that you can deposit or withdraw money from, with many valuable features that enable you to set goals and track your progress across numerous custom timeframes.

3.  Invest Securely With Free Investment Apps

When it comes to making the world of investing more easy and accessible from the comfort of your smartphone, several of the best stock market apps offer commission-free trading and great features to help newcomers learn as they grow their portfolio.

The Freetrade stocks app delivers free instant trades with a wide variety of investments that makes it easy to choose from assets across many different markets.

Yet another attractive option is the Webull free stock trading app, with many in-depth features such as a customizable trading space and analytic tools that include technical indicators and charts designed to help you make smarter trades.

Those looking for a fantastic free penny stock trading app should check out the Acorn app, which makes it simpler to invest your spare change and grow your money wisely with additional bonus investments.

Several beginner investors have found the Acorn app to rank among the best free stock trading apps available for those dipping their feet into investing.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic way to save for the future, any of these investment apps could prove to be a great solution to consider.

4.  Use Free Coupon Finder Apps to Save on Purchases

Spending wisely isn’t simply about the way you manage your money. It also means finding the very best deal possible when you do decide to purchase a product.

That’s where a high-quality coupon app can come in handy, alerting you to special deals and saving opportunities on regular or one-time purchases.

The Honey app has gained a popular reputation for featuring some of the world’s most popular stores and retailers. The app makes it enjoyable to both shop and save from one easy-to-use location.

RetailMeNot is another coupon app with a helpful search function and account page features that make it easier to find the savings that matter most to you. This makes it one of the best grocery coupon apps for great deals on essentials like food and clothing. It may also help you find coupons for cutting-edge electronics and home or garden equipment.

GoodRx and RxSaver can both help you save precious amounts on often highly expensive prescription costs. These apps can be powerful tools in your financial arsenal to help you save significant amounts of money when you buy.

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