Knowing what to expect from assisted living can help make the decision to transition to such a facility more natural and peaceful for both the new resident, and their loved ones. Moving to assisted living can be a wonderful experience when communication and expectations are accurate and clear. Some important things to expect from assisted living include the following:

Your rights as a resident; Specific living arrangements and services provided; Knowledge of fees and expenses with no hidden costs; and High-quality education and training among staff members. Generally, assisted living is an excellent alternative living situation for people who are no longer able to live alone because of physical or medical needs, but do not need the intensive care found at nursing homes. 

What to Expect From Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are designed to provide seniors with the care and support they need.

Therefore, the level of each resident’s care will differ.

In assisted living facilities, seniors typically reside in their own apartment that is in close proximity to other community members.

Help is available by the facility 24/7 in case of emergencies, or even if the resident needs the occasional help with a daily task, like cleaning, shopping, remembering to take medications, bathing, making and taking doctor appointments, and more. 

In assisted living facilities, staff are always present and check on residents daily. Although the staff of these facilities cannot legally diagnose medical conditions, they are present to help the senior seek medical care whenever they might need it.

Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of assisted living facilities is that family members can have the peace of mind that their loved ones are always taken care of and in safe hands. 

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