If bank fees drive you crazy – there’s a simple solution. You can usually get bank fee refunds in certain situations. For example, if it’s your first time running into a fee, you can try to use that as leverage when bargaining with your bank. Or maybe you’re using a bank fee refund app to do the negotiating. Whichever method you choose to proceed with, know that there are ways to get your money back and avoid charges in the future.

Sick of paying pesky fees? Here are 4 essential tips you can use to get a mobile bank refund, overdraft refund or NSF fee refund. Learn more in the sections below.

These 4 Essential Tips for Getting Bank Fee Refunds Make the Process Easy – #4 Will SHOCK You
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If you need a TD Bank overdraft refund, low-balance refund from Chase or any other type of refund from your bank, these tips can help you get just that. It may be surprising to hear, but most big-name banks are actually willing to work with you on a refund. 

Think about it. Financial institutions want to encourage customer loyalty, especially from those who have been banking with them for months or years already. This is their chance to do that, and for you to take advantage! 

Tip #1: Lean on Your Loyalty

Getting a Chase insufficient funds fee refund or another type of refund from your bank is made a bit easier if you know the language to use. Harp on the fact that you’ve been with your bank for however long you have. If this is your first and only time incurring a fee, explain that it was a simple mistake that won’t happen again, and you’d like to be refunded. 

Tip #2: Don’t Back Down

Be polite, but remain firm in your negotiation. This goes for all types of fee refunds, like an NSF fee refund or maintenance charge. It helps to prepare what you’re going to say before speaking to a bank representative. 

Tip #3: Ask Direct Questions

Don’t beat around the bush. Getting a bank fee refund is all about one thing – getting your money back. Asking questions like, “What can you do for me? Why should I stay with THIS bank?” puts the bank on the spot and lets them know you mean business. 

Tip #4: Use a Bank Fee Refund App

Don’t want to negotiate with your bank? Let an app do it for you! Keep reading the next slide to learn all about the best apps on the market for bank negotiations.

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