Need a bank fee refund? There’s an app for that! You can download a bank fee refund app to do the bargaining for you. No need to negotiate with a bank representative – simply download an app, link your bank account(s) and watch it work. These apps are great for getting a mobile bank refund or helping you avoid charges altogether.   

Looking to find the best bank fee refund app so you can get your money back? We’ve compiled a list of apps you can use to get a refund, avoid charges and monitor your bank accounts. Check it out below. 

Apps Can Do the Hard Work of Getting Bank Fee Refunds for You – Find the BEST Bank Fee Refund App for You
bank refund app

Did you know you can get a Bank of America overdraft fee refund without even speaking to Bank of America? Well, thanks to technology, you can process your refund completely through a helpful mobile app

A bank fee refund app is one that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan your bank accounts, find fees and negotiate with your bank. Here’s a list of the best apps for getting your bank fees refunded. 

1. Cushion

Cushion is the best bank fee refund app for those who want as little interaction with their bank as possible. All you need to do is download the app, connect your bank accounts and watch as the app flags fees and charges. The bank and overdraft fee refund app will negotiate various bank fee refunds on your behalf. Once your bank reviews the app’s report, you’ll get a notification of how much money you can get back. 

2. Recoup

According to Recoup, Americans spend an average of $450 on bank fees each year. This bank fee refund app not only helps process refunds but analyzes your spending to help you avoid fees altogether. In addition to bank fees, the app also gets you refunds for credit card fees, subscription service fees and unwanted bills. 

3. Truebill

This app can help you get a mobile bank refund in addition to refunds for dozens of other bills, like streaming services or monthly subscriptions. It also helps you customize your budget. 

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