You don’t need to request a bank fee refund if you know how to avoid your bank’s fees altogether. Make your life easier by understanding your bank’s fees so you can dodge unnecessary charges in the future. Are you constantly asking for an NSF fee refund due to nonsufficient charges? Learn how you can keep your account positive to avoid excessive charges like this.

Stay on top of your banking. There are simple and painless tips and tricks that can help you save. Here are 5 ways you can avoid getting slapped with needless bank fees and charges.

Skip Having to Request Bank Fee Refunds – Discover 5 Ways to Ditch Bank Fees
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Nobody likes paying more than they need to. Your bank may only give you a bank fee refund once or twice before denying all future requests. These charges can then start putting a dent in your wallet. 

Learn how to skip the fees and maximize your money by reviewing the tips below. 

1. Keep a minimum balance. A common reason why people request a bank fee refund is because they are not meeting the minimum balance requirement. Most banks tack on monthly maintenance fees if you don’t meet this requirement. The minimum could be as little as $25.

2. Set up direct deposit. Some banks charge fees if you don’t make enough deposits into your account. To avoid this, set up direct deposit so your account stays active. This is a great way to avoid having to request a mobile bank refund in the future, especially if you get paid on a weekly basis. 

3. Open a checking account. In some cases, you may be charged a monthly fee if you only have a savings account open. To avoid the fee, open a checking account. You might only need to open it with $10-$50. Check with your bank about this requirement. 

4. Set up low balance alerts. If your bank offers an alert system, sign up as soon as possible. You can receive text messages and emails alerting you when your account dips below a certain amount. This helps you deposit more money and avoid getting hit with an overdraft fee – which would then require you to request a Chase insufficient funds fee refund (or the equivalent at your bank)!

5. Use in-network ATMs. ATM fees really add up. Most banks have one or more ATMs that are in their network. These allow you to withdraw money without getting charged. Avoid using other ATMs, where the fees can reach as high as $4 per withdrawal!

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