Pools: While adding a pool makes it possible to generate an increase of 7% on your resale price, many homeowners avoid the $22,000 investment (on average) for several reasons. One of the biggest and most important reasons is the cost.

Swimming Pool (Sometimes), Relaxation Spaces and Garages

Even if it ends up bringing a profit, putting in a pool is a big expense. Plus, even though a home addition contractor may not tell you this, adding a pool is not always a sound investment. 

If you live somewhere where pools are expected, then not having one can hurt your resale value. However, there are places where adding a pool would be considered an “over improvement,” which means that the cost could actually end up outweighing the benefit.

Relaxation Spaces: After a week of work, people want to relax and enjoy being outdoors. Building a wood deck at the back of your home allows your children to take a break or study. It also helps potential buyers picture the lifestyle they can have if they purchase your house.

Several people who plan to eventually build a deck on their dream home will be glad that it’s already been done. They’ll pay more for the convenience of being able to appreciate it from the first day they move in.

Garages: Most of the buyers who will be interested in buying your house may own at least one vehicle. They may be looking for a two-car garage, or one that can easily accommodate two vans.

Some may need room in the garage for storing bicycles, a kayak and other sports gear. A home remodel company can help you with a design that leaves enough room for a hobby shop.

If you only make one adjustment to your garage, it should be to change the door. Ensure that buyers can get in and out by automatically lifting the door in bad weather.

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