Free Career Education Resources You Should Know About

Free Career Education Resources You Should Know About

Thanks to the advent of technology, especially the Internet, today’s learning experience doesn’t have to be expensive. There are potentially endless free online educational materials as well as courses to brush up your career skills that require only an internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop.

Whether you are just starting out, trying to beef up your already impressive resume, seeking to alter the direction of your career or just looking to stay top of the current technology trends, an online certification could be an excellent solution for you.

Benefits of Online Certifications

Online certifications are slightly different from typical online classes. First and foremost, online courses with certifications do not usually require prerequisites and equally allow you to earn qualifications in a particular career field, or area of expertise, without spending the amount of cash, and time, it usually takes to complete a conventional degree program.

Another significant benefit associated with online certifications is a highly flexible learning schedule. A huge number of these courses are generally considered “asynchronous,” meaning that the classes aren’t happening at a definite time each week or month, and allows you to access pre-recorded course materials as well as lectures at your own pace.

Online free career courses with certificates give you the ability to solely focus on areas of improvement without having to take unnecessary classes. Whether you are looking to boost your management skills, finance, and accounting skills, learn a new language or strengthen your skills in graphic design, there are potentially endless resources out there on the internet to help you develop your craft.

Career Impact of Free Education

Most importantly, free online courses with certificates will ultimately have a positive impact on your career. According to a recent study by Coursera, nearly 90% of individuals learning for professional development experience career benefits such as a raise, promotion or an opportunity to begin a new career altogether.

Depending on your area of expertise, there are popular certifications that can go a long way. For instance, the Lean Six Sigma Certification, the Certified Business Analysis Professional, the Project Management Professional among other free Google courses, can potentially impact a substantial amount of value on your CV in the corporate world.

With so many free online courses with certifications to choose from, finding the best online course that suits your career needs and preferences can sometimes prove to be a daunting and potentially challenging task. Fortunately, the free education resources listed below are a great place to start for many professionals.

Free Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is currently the most popular and widely used analytic software ruling the market and has been for quite some time. Nearly every organization, small or big, largely depends on Google Analytics to assess and enhance their marketing tactics and strategies to get the most out of their investments. Certification in Google Analytics means you’ve learned and mastered all Google’s measurement tools and you can help businesses grow through intelligent data collection and analysis.

The course will first show you how to use Google Analytics to examine how well your selected keywords perform in terms of ROI, revenue, and conversion rate. You will then learn how to identify emerging issues in your campaigns by examining your bounce rate. You’ll also be taught how to track sales down to the product level and refine your keyword bid amounts depending on ROI calculations. What’s more, the course will cover some valuable marketing information and show you how to use Google Analytics map overlay report to evaluate which markets or regions to enter. Simply put, this is a highly valuable free career education course worth your time and effort, especially if you intend to make strides in your career.

Microsoft Training

Microsoft offers numerous learning paths and certifications about various Microsoft services and products. Learning paths feature several modules that are relevant to the course topic and certifications are exclusive, with at least two exams needed to earn the certification.

Self-paced courses as well as exams are free on Microsoft. However, if you are looking to take an instructor-based course, you can achieve this through Certified Microsoft Trainers. It is imperative to note that there is no guarantee that the Certified Trainers will offer their courses free of charge, so this is something you need to take into account if you want free online courses.

Free Excel Training

Excel training is another free education online course you would want to know about. As the most widely used spreadsheet as well as a data management tool in the world, MS Excel offers greater flexibility and compatibility across operating systems and devices. MS Excel makes arranging, analyzing, and presenting your data a somewhat easier process, whether you are a PC, iPad, Android, tablet, or phone user.

What’s more, free Microsoft Excel allows you to collaborate and share your files and documents with other members of your project through Share Point or One Drive. In fact, the process is as easy as sending each member the link to the same file. There are many online platforms that offer free Excel training courses for free, including Udemy and SkillShare.

Free Coding and Programming Classes

It wasn’t long ago that programming was regarded by many as an odd hobby for tech enthusiasts. However, public perception of coding is beginning to change.

Programming has now become a highly important career skill. Many employees are more than willing to pay a premium for the work of professionals with programming and coding credentials. This only implies that this once-novel pastime can now lay the foundation for a highly rewarding career.

Today, learning to code is something you should seriously consider. Learning to code or program can potentially help open up new opportunity areas in your career because it makes you a more flexible candidate in today’s rapidly changing digital economy.

Free Google Certification Courses

Google certification courses have been around for a few years. Until recently, certification was conducted through the Google Partners program, which allowed both marketers and SEO experts to earn certification. Today, all Google certification courses are available in the newly launched Academy for Ads. It offers training and certification in a spectrum of Google products including Google marketing platform, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and YouTube, fundamentals of graphic design, programming, professional productivity, public speaking, and much more.

Getting Google certification takes up to eight hours per course, so you’ll need to invest some of your time. Regardless, enrolling in a learning path and getting the certification guarantees lots of benefits. Whether you already have on-the-job experience, or you are completely new to a particular Google course, having a Google certification can ultimately help you learn new skills, boost your proficiency, and have a more comprehensive understanding of a given tool. What’s more, the certification will help you to display your expertise to your prospective clients for greener pastures.

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