How to Get Help Paying Your Internet Bill

In the modern age of technology, a reliable internet connection at home is vital for staying connected. Unfortunately, many Americans are struggling to afford broadband for their homes. Although it may seem like a luxury, having an internet connection is becoming more and more necessary to participate in society.

From online applications for government benefits to online homework for students, internet access is becoming a critical resource that is required to complete a variety of different tasks. As more things become increasingly digital and online, Americans will need help paying for internet access whether it comes from the government or internet providers themselves.

Save on Your WiFi Bill With Signup or Promotional Deals
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Oftentimes, when you are paying your internet bill, you are not only paying for access to the internet. Today, there’s much more to having the internet than just being able to get online. TV’s are hooked up to the internet, streaming services such as Netflix or HBO require internet access, and even mobile devices rely on the internet if cellular services are down. 

One method to securing the most affordable prices on internet access is to look for promotional or intro deals from providers. There are hundreds of broadband providers to choose from and many of them offer special prices for customers that may be dealing with some financial uncertainty.

For example, there are AT&T internet promo deals that are offered to new customers that include all the hardware required for broadband connection. Access by AT&T provides low-cost wireless internet plans for eligible low-income households. Typically, households with at least one person receiving SSI or SNAP benefits may qualify for the deal.

Here are a few other examples of special promotional and introductory deals that are offered by major internet providers:

  • Verizon Fios promotions and a few other major providers include special deals for nurses, teachers, military personnel, and first responders.
  • Xfinity student discount offers additional savings to college students if they provide the information required to verify their enrollment in a college.
  • Special Xfinity student deals include additional incentives such as offering students six months of Amazon Music Unlimited and up to a $100 Visa Prepaid card when they purchase internet access.

Tip: Ask your internet provider if you are qualified for any deals or special savings before you make any commitments on your internet service.

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