4 Ways to Save Money With Great Senior Discounts

The golden years of life have many enjoyable benefits. They provide more time to spend with family. While you may receive income from Social Security, regular expenses can often add up for seniors. Fortunately, there are many ways that seniors can get discounts just for being over a certain age.

A U.S. citizen is considered a senior citizen at the age of 55. While the official retirement age is 66, many wonderful retirement communities welcome residents 55+. Many retail, food and other businesses also begin offering discounts to people ages 55 and up. Learn about where you can find those discounts here.

Save $$$$ With Auto Insurance Discounts For Seniors
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One of the most popular types of senior discount is the auto insurance discount. An auto insurance discount is also important to seniors, as rates tend to go up for drivers who are in their 60s or older. So any way to save on car insurance can help! Typically, insurance companies include seniors in the group called “Mature drivers.” This group includes anyone over the age of 50.

A good way to make sure you get a senior auto insurance discount is to join the American Association of Retired Persons, more commonly known as AARP. Insurers will often provide a discount with proof of membership in the group. Additionally, the AARP has resources to help you compare senior auto rates and track down the policy with the best coverage level for you. 

Usually, you will have to meet certain conditions to get a senior car insurance discount, but they are not difficult. One way to get a senior car insurance discount is to take and pass a driving class. Some companies, such as Geico, will also offer senior discounts if you have a good driving record. 

Geico offers the Five-Year Good Driving Discount, which can help safe seniors to save on auto insurance. Along with that, they offer GEICO PrimeTime to those over 50. This program guarantees renewal of your insurance policy as long as you meet certain safe driving requirements.

If you have a policy you like, simply ask your company if there are ways to qualify for a senior discount.

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