Senior travel insurance is a great way to make sure that you do not lose money on your trips and vacations. For instance, if your flight is cancelled or you lose your luggage, trip insurance will make sure you are compensated. Travel insurance is especially important for seniors, as it can also cover medical emergencies. 

What is covered with senior travel insurance will depend on the level of coverage that you purchase. So be sure to consider what you need to be protected against. Fortunately, many travel and transportation businesses offer discounts to senior citizens for a variety of scenarios. 

Protect Your Money With Travel Insurance Discounts for Seniors

Examples of travel insurance companies that may offer discounts to seniors include Allianz Travel and Travelex Insurance Services.

As with many discounts each travel insurance company determines what the age of seniority is.

For example, some consider 55+ to be the minimum for receiving discounts, while others require you to be 60+ or even 65+.  

The best way to find out at what age the travel insurance discounts begin is to call each company, or do an internet search on that specific company’s policies. AARP offers a great number of travel insurance discounts for seniors as a benefit of membership. The savings that can be realized from this membership can be significant if you plan to travel a lot.

A good strategy for these companies is to keep a spreadsheet or list of each company and the discounts offered as well as the age discounts are offered. Then you have it as a ready reference.

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