If you find that you have unclaimed unemployment, you’ll want to claim your money as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more you risk missing your opportunity to get what you are owed. Some states have deadlines for you to claim retroactive unemployment while others may delay the process based on when you are claiming unemployment. Either way, the quicker you act, the faster you’ll get your money!

Wondering how you can claim unclaimed unemployment benefits in your state? The process can be simple, regardless of where you are located. Learn more below.

Ready to Claim Unemployment Back Pay? Learn 3 Tips for Getting Your Money Fast!
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No one likes waiting for their money, especially when it comes to unemployment benefits. If you have unclaimed unemployment, follow the tips below for the quickest way to get your money.

Tip #1: File ASAP!

The longer you wait to claim unclaimed unemployment benefits, the longer it’ll take to get your money. Plus, some states have policies that allow funds to expire after a certain amount of time. Don’t let your retroactive unemployment benefits go to waste – it’s money that you earned! 

Nearly all states have an online application process. Gather all of the necessary documents beforehand so you can breeze through the application. You typically need to provide:

  • Personal information, like your full name, Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth
  • Employment information, like the names of employers, the dates of employment and the date you were laid off
  • Income information, like a pay stub or bank statement showing your weekly pay

Tip #2: Choose Direct Deposit

The quickest way to get your unclaimed unemployment benefits is to provide direct deposit information during the application process. If your state approves your claim, it will process the payment directly to your bank account

This is a lot faster than sending a check, which could take weeks. Plus, there’s always the risk that it could get lost in the mail. 

Tip #3: Check Back Frequently

Unemployment insurance program policies change frequently, especially during times of uncertainty. You may be qualified to receive PUA back pay now, but there’s no guarantee that you will remain qualified in the future. 

Once you file for your benefits, check back with your state’s DOL portal frequently. Make sure that the state doesn’t need additional information from you, like information or documents. 

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