Another great resource for free help with filing your taxes is the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)’s Tax-Aide program. Although anyone can take advantage of the AARP’s free in-person and remote tax assistance through Tax-Aide, priority is given to taxpayers who are at least 50 years old or whose income levels qualify as low to moderate.

Like VITA, Tax-Aide volunteers go through tax preparer training and are certified by the IRS every year that they sign up to volunteer. To find an AARP Tax-Aide location near you, check the AARP website. For online guidance, you can search through their frequently asked questions or submit a request for help.

Tax Help For Senior Citizens and Military Members

If you are in the military, have previously served, or you are the dependent or spouse of someone in the military, you may be able to use MilTax Filing software for free and receive no-cost assistance with filing your taxes. 

The people at MilTax are trained to understand tax situations that are unique to military members and their families.

They commonly assist service members with the following:

  • Pandemic tax implications
  • Correctly reporting deployment pay
  • Correctly reporting combat pay
  • Tax forgiveness & refunds for survivors
  • Extensions and deadlines
  • Understanding economic impact payments

If you qualify to use MilTax you will be able to access their services online or over the phone. MilTax software and assistance is available from January 19th through mid-October. Taxes are due on April 18th but the IRS will begin to accept and process tax returns on January 23rd.

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