Sometimes, the companies or corporations who have wronged you are so large that it may not seem feasible to file a claim against them. Other times, you may not know there are other victims, and you may not even be aware those other victims are already fighting a legal battle to receive justice and financial compensation right now

The best part about joining a mass tort or class-action lawsuit is that unlike smaller lawsuits, they do not require much money from you. Often, you do not need to pay any money at all. This is because typically, your attorney will represent you on a contingency basis. This means the following: 

Class Action and Mass Tort Lawsuits that are Happening Now — Are You a Victim?

  • You will pay no upfront legal fees.
  • You will have no out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • If the law firm representing you does not win, you pay nothing. 

In contingency cases like this, the law firm takes a portion of any money won from a settlement or a court ordered judgment.

By filing a legal claim, you can fight to reclaim the damages that you have suffered, receive justice for the wrongs that have been enacted against you, and win monetary compensation for your injuries.

Settlements can sometimes earn you thousands, even millions of dollars. In class action lawsuits, the money from a settlement or judgment is distributed to the class of people represented in the case as plaintiffs. In mass tort lawsuits, each plaintiff’s claim will be addressed individually, and plaintiffs may receive different amounts of money according to the damage they experienced.

To understand whether you are the victim who is eligible to join a class action lawsuit or file your own claim in a mass tort case, it’s important to know about legal cases that are already underway. 

Learning which type of litigation is right for you is vital to ensure you will win the case and receive financial compensation for your injuries. Reviewing suits like this also shows you which kinds of lawsuits are likely to be successful or accepted by a law firm.

Two examples are the case against Johnson & Johnson, whose use of talcum powder in baby products has caused cancer in countless women, and the case against RoundUp, the product which has caused Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to develop in countless people. Continue reading to learn more about these lawsuits and other important information about mass torts, class action lawsuits their similarities and differences.

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