If you need debt relief help, debt consolidation can reduce the number of monthly payments and interest rates. Whether you need debt consolidation loans with bad credit or a great score, several lending groups are available.

You may be able to negotiate less debt with a settlement. Your creditors may accept a fraction of what you owe them if you have not paid them in months. They may decide that some money is better than no payment at all. 

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Your lender may call you, or you can call them to ask about a settlement option. If you wait for the creditor, however, they may send your debt to a collector instead of contacting you first. 

The benefits of a lump-sum settlement are that you get out of debt fast and for less than what you owed. However, your credit score will have several negative remarks and will drop significantly. 

When you stop paying your creditors, you will receive late and no payment remarks.

Negative marks stay on your credit report for years. If you have fair to good credit, you may consider a consolidation loan first. 

In some cases, working with the creditor directly is better than a third-party lender. The creditor may stop charging you interest as part of your repayment plan. 

Depending on how much you owe, this can also be true for student loans and tax debt. However, it is very rare to have the IRS or student loan provider dismiss a portion of your debt unless you qualify for certain options.

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