If you need a little more human interaction to keep you engaged with your work, searching for a customer service position may be a good remote work option for you. If you are able to build up your experience, you can become a customer service manager and earn over $40 an hour working in the comfort of your own home.

Earn a Full-Time Salary From Your Couch in Customer Service

You may also be able to receive an even higher salary if you speak more than one language, as you can contribute to more than one department or be able to assist a wider range of customers. 

Many companies, especially large companies like Amazon, are constantly hiring for customer service positions.

Both virtual chat assistants and on-call customer service employees are in high demand, especially now when so many businesses run their enterprises completely online, and as E-Commerce is booming. 

Entry level customer service positions do not require any previous experience or a college degree, but it does help if you have ever worked in retail or a similar job. Even a summer job at a grocery store could count as customer service experience, so don’t be afraid to put that on your resume as well. 

Once you obtain a customer service position, it is simple to learn the programs you need to connect to from home in order to do your job. You will also be provided with the company manual to be able to answer all questions to the best of your abilities. 

Some companies may require you to purchase a specialized headset to answer calls, and others may provide the call equipment for you. 

If you like helping people and interacting with them, but prefer to do so from home, then this might be the right fit for you.

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