5 Ways to Earn $1000s Working From Home

Working remotely is more profitable now than it has ever been. Thanks to technological advancements, many jobs can fully be done virtually and nothing has proven that more than having to deal with a global pandemic. 

It is now possible to easily make money remotely and keep a full-time job while never having to leave your home. You also have access to jobs all over the country when you work remotely instead of being limited to only jobs in your area. To learn more about how you can make money remotely, click through the slides below.

Easy At-Home Jobs: Data Entry
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Data entry is probably one of the most prominent jobs available for those looking to make money remotely. Data entry jobs can be found at almost any company and you can find a data entry position from a freelancer all the way to a full-time employee. 

Data entry also has a large range of possible duties. 

Compensation for data entry jobs usually start around $12 or $13 an hour, and can pay up to $40 an hour for specialized positions. Data entry also does not require much experience or a degree in order to get started. 

Most employers will only ask for a GED or high school diploma for a data entry position. In order to really reach new heights in this online industry, you will need experience and to focus on specializing in one field. 

You can be asked to transcribe sound recordings into documents for better storage, or you could be asked to help move information from one platform to another if a company is moving their data to a new software. 

The most common type of data entry is organizing numbers or receipts into more comprehensive files and formats, but you could be asked to enter almost any form of data depending on an employers needs. 

Specialized data entry workers are usually the ones that get paid the most, because they have the experience and expertises to handle more sensitive data work such as entering medical records into a hospital system or other specialized work. 

The down side to all this is that you may encounter many entry level positions that pay you by the file or by the word, so you will have to build your portfolio before you can qualify for the more stable hourly positions.

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