Getting the money you are entitled to is financial relieving. You may have unclaimed funds and not know about them. For example, you should verify if you are handling someone else’s estate and are unaware of their past financial dealings.

Finding unclaimed money is a simple process. You can check online if there are funds you are entitled to by doing a quick search through the proper avenues.

How to Find Unclaimed Bankruptcy Funds

The United States Courts have a website and Unclaimed Funds Locator tool that can verify if you or someone you know has owed funds.

You will need to furnish information about you or the deceased as well as at much of the following details:

  • The court’s name where the bankruptcy was filed
  • Your name or the deceased loved one’s name (in the “creditor” portion of the search)
  • The name of the person to whom you loaned money
  • The bankruptcy case number
  • The minimum amount of money that you are owed
  • The bankruptcy case decision date

You do not need all of the above information. But, the more you furnish, the more accurate the results.

Clerical errors and mistakes can occur, so you can contact the court that handled the bankruptcy case if you feel like the search results are inaccurate.

Courts are responsible to inform those that funds have gone unclaimed, and faulty information can prevent that. You can also contact your state’s treasury department to see if funds have been transferred.

Once you discover you are entitled to bankruptcy funds, you will need to go through the process of claiming them. Discover more about the process on the next slide.

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